0.0.6 (Under Development)


This change has some backwards incompatibilities from previous versions and might break your existing code. Kindly read Backwards Incompatibilities section to understand what changed.



  • ESXi 5.x gets it’s own class ESXiServer.


  • Method is_wwn_on_fabric added, checks if given WWN (WWNN/WWPN) is logged on to the fabric.
  • Method get_wwn_aliases added, returns alias(es) for give WWN. This makes use of aliShow

Bug Fixes

  • SSHSession now returns error correctly, earlier both output and error returned output due to typo.

Backwards Incompatibilities


SSHSession class now refers ‘host’ as host rather than hostname. Should not impact you directly unless you are using SSHSession directly.


servers.py re-written from scratch and might break some functionality.

  • LinuxServer class now replaced with GenericLinuxServer
  • RedhatServer class now replaced with RedHatServer (notice uppercase H in RedHatServer)
  • Method get_hostname method replaced with property hostname.
  • Method has_hbas method replaced with property has_hba. Property has_hba now implemented locally in RedHatServer, ESXServer and ESXiServer.
  • Method get_hba_manufacturer method replaced with property hba_manufacturer. Property hba_manufacturer now implemented locally in RedHatServer, ESXServer and ESXiServer.
  • Method get_wwpns method replaced with property wwpns
  • As of now methods get_os_version, check_hba_driver and get_bcu_version are removed and not re-written yet. We do want to get those details, especially HBA driver versions.


  • Method find_wwn renamed to more meaningful is_wwn_on_fabric.